26 / 04 / 21

Finnmark Norway develops its regional economy

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Finnmark Norway, Europe's northernmost region, is developing its regional economy and food industry in Karasjok. Karasjok is the second largest municipality in Norway and approximately 80% of its inhabitants are Sámi, and in the municipality works, for example, the centre of the Sámi Parliament.

MinBoazu AS, a company based in Karasjok, invests in the development of reindeer husbandry in the municipality of Karasjok in the Finnmark area, with a modern reindeer slaughter system, which is supplied by Kometos Oy as a modular solution. The capacity of the slaughterhouse is about 1.000 slaughters per day, the capacity of the plant reaches a maximum of more than 30.000 slaughters per season capacity.

"As a result of many years of co-operation, it was an easy solution to end up with the slaughter module solution manufactured by Kometos, which guarantees a very long-lasting structure and high-quality hygiene for the products manufactured. The slaughterhouse will be completed by the beginning of the upcoming slaughter season," says Lasse Kvernmo, CEO of the company.