Product number 1101013015

Minimized weight loss

Kometos Finncold thawing, freezing and stiffening systems are designed and built using the latest inverter and sensoring technology. By measuring product temperatures both in the core and on the surface and adjusting the temperature and moisture of the rooms using completely natural and clean high speed winds, the thawing process is quick and results in minimised drop loss, which can directly and significantly increase the customer’s profits. This we can confirm by presenting payback calculations.

Thawing -20C > – 2C in 8 hours

Technical information

Size 8890 x 2800 x 3300 (4300)
Capacity 9 – 15 euro pallets (5 400 – 9 000 kg) /process
Area of activity

-20 °C (-18 °C) …+2 °C,
Products in E2 boxes or trolleys
-20 °C(-18 °C)  … -2 °C,
Carton packages + spacers between layers.

Optimal thawing process is achieved when the product´s start temperature is -20 °C (-18 °C) in case of both the scheduled process and the so called direct thawing process.

Defrosting time Varies by product / by packaging, indicative times: 
-20 °C…- 2 °C            8 - 12 h
-20 °C…+ 2 °C         12 - 18 h 
Structure The main electrical cabinet, cooling unit as well as water and compressed air connections for the moistening unit are installed in an integrated technical compartment.
Frame Self-supporting metal subframe, 8 pcs support legs.
Weight Total weight appr. 4 500 kg
Cooling Hermetic refrigeration compressor, refrigerant R449, cooling capacity of 7,2 kW (-8 °C / +32 °C). If the temperature of the surrounding environment exceeds +32 °C, the efficiency of the cooling compressor drops thus the thawing process is prolonged.
Heating Electric resistor heating, power 60 kW
Air circulation Air circulation with EC -fans (3 pcs)
Air flow quide Rising and lowering with a spindle motors
PLC control Control plc KOMETOS. The operating panel is located outside the container next to the door. Thawing equipment can be connected to the client’s Ethernet data network through which Kometos has the opportunity for a secure service connection.
Electrical connection 400 V 125 A
Water connection R ½”, 4 bar
Compressed air supply R ½”, 2,8 bar
Drain connection Ø 75 mm