Finmodules A - modular carwash solutions

Finmodules A – Kometos Carwash Modules

Finmodules A - modular carwash solutions


For over twenty years, Kometos Oy has manufactured modular process lines to be operated under demanding conditions. We produce, prepare and test drive all the process lines at our factory. Due to this unique way of operation, actual installation on location takes only a week or two.

Prowash Oy is the representative of Washtec in Finland, one of world´s leading providers of washing equipment and machinery. For many years we have delivered carwash solutions according to turnkey principle with Kometos being responsible for the washing modules and building technology and Prowash delivering the washing equipment. The combination of two professionals ensures high quality, efficiency and durability of the washing solution concept.

Kometos carwash concepts consist of 1 - 3 carwash modules and 1 - 2 technical spaces. Washing equipment, detergent tanks, ventilation and drying technology as well as electric and automation equipment are located in the technical space. We are also able to integrate a windscreen washing liquid machine, air and water machine as well as vacuum cleaner with the carwash.

For payment solutions, you can choose a card machine or a wider wash monitoring system enabling considerable expansion of carwash service sales and marketing operations.


The starting point for our design is the long life cycle of the washing modules and minimizing maintenance needs and costs. Our base frame is made of stainless steel and the wall and ceiling structures are made from completely unobtrusive, impact-resistant and easily cleanable materials. We can implement the module layout in accordance with your architectural plans.

Turnkey delivery

• Designing and manufacturing
• Heating, water, ventilation and electrical appliances
• Installation
• Commissioning
• Training
• Documentation


1. Construction of the modules

We build our carwash module on stainless steel frame. To the frame, we integrate rails for the washing machine due to which the maintenance and cleaning operations are effortless. Our modules consist of fully non-condensing Sandwich ST elements designed by Kometos Oy. ST elements are manufactured from extruded polystyrene insulator sheets which are covered with fiberglass laminates on both sides. The elements are fully waterproof, easily cleaned, withstand heavy loads and have good heat insulation abilities.

2. Module installation

We deliver ready washing modules to the construction site as special transport and install them on the pre-built foundation. As we have pre-tested the module system at our factory, the installation time is really minimal. We can also tailor made the exterior of the carwash module according to your wishes. Modules are easy to transport to another location if required later.

3. Module test-run

We always test-run our modules before commissioning the carwash. Test-run will verify that both the washing and payment systems operate flawlessy.

4. Personnel training

We shall always train your personnel before commissioning the carwash module. We go through the possible fault conditions with the managers and the cashiers. What to do if the doors won´t open or the temperature in the washing module decreases. The most important thing during a work shift is that the employees know what to do in case of problematic situations and are able to solve such situations fast.

5. Maintenance services

Our maintenance representative shall always contact you within 24 hours as of receiving your request. This way, we ensure effortless operation and quick help to your company.