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Kometos´s new innovation introduced in Kitee


30-something Jari Paakkunainen will soon open a slaughterhouse in Purujärvi with his cooperation partner Veli-Pekka Uimonen. The two young men founded the Bonus Carnis slaughterhouse in the summer and decided to invest in a modern facility.

- There’s a huge demand for this kind of activity, says CEO Paakkunainen.

Bonus Carnis is a “self-service slaughterhouse”, which means that the farmers transport the animals to slaughter themselves and also take away the chilled carcasses. They all live within 120 kilometers of the slaughterhouse. Paakkunainen also has some Highland cattle himself.

- We only serve customers who sell meat directly from their farm.


Bonus Carnis’s business concept reflects the transformation of the Finnish meat culture. More and more consumers are interested in the origin of food and they are willing to pay for domestic quality. Small farmers are often not able to supply enough meat to meet the demand.

- We noticed the producers’ needs a couple of years ago and teamed up with the world-famous Hardiesmill farm from Scotland to develop the Thomcont on-farm slaughterhouse, designed particularly for small meat farms, says Sales Manager Pekka Paloniemi from Kometos.

Thomcont is a modular food processing facility, and putting it into operation took less than a week.

- This package deal has made our work a lot easier. We would have faced many sleepless nights without this cooperation, Paakkunainen describes the innovation’s ease-of-use.

The slaughter capacity of the Bonus Carnis facility is about seven cows or thirty sheep a day. The Thomcont on-farm slaughterhouse is an indication of innovative problem solving in the food industry for Kometos, a service investment for Bonus Carnis, and a way to distinguish oneself from the bulk production for the meat farmers in the region – a common answer from all operators to those who want high-quality local ingredients.

From the left: Jari Paakkunainen, Veli-Pekka Uimonen, Pekka Paloniemi and Tuomas Paloviita (Kometos´s Production manager)


15 / 12 / 17

Kometos Oy to cooperate for development of Mongolia´s agriculture

Long-term cooperation agreement between ZAO Bat Gan Agro in Mongolia and Kometos Oy was signed on the Finland’s Independence Day on 06.12.2017 in the capital of Mongolia Ulan Bator. The agreement handles extensive cooperation for development of Mongolia’s agriculture and conduction of different related training courses.

The population of Mongolia today is 3 million and the number of livestock amounts to 61 million consisting mostly of sheep, yaks and bovines. Besides meat treatment and logistic systems all the way up to export activities, development of livestock farming is of utmost importance.

Cooperation starts immediately; the first Mobile slaughterhouse will be delivered to the region already in the spring of 2018.

14 / 09 / 17

Read the latest Kometos Magazine!

The latest Kometos Magazine is now published. It’s full of interesting topics – click and read!

06 / 09 / 17

OSK Varuboden – Osla's choice: a Kometos car wash with Prowash machinery

OSK Varuboden – Osla built a car wash at their Prisma hypermarket in Kirkkonummi. The car wash hall with a modular structure was delivered by Kometos Oy and the TAKT washing machinery was delivered by Kometos' partner Prowash Oy. The car wash was inaugurated for use in July.

The car wash hall consists of two washing modules and the washing event itself also has two stages: the actual wash takes place in the first module while the second is reserved for waxing and drying.

The building services space also consists of two modules. This space houses the technology and equipment required by the car wash: electric switchboard, ventilation and drying systems for the wash hall and control centres for the folding doors. This space also contains the equipment and technology required by the adjacent fuel station. The space is also ready for a possible water recycling system.

The maintenance and upkeep costs of a modular Kometos car wash are low. The modules consist of a frame structure made of stainless steel and sandwich elements that will not become waterlogged. The materials, technology and efficient ventilation and drying systems guarantee a long service life for the car wash hall.

In addition to the top-tier car wash hall, the car wash equipment is also equally excellent: the capacity of Prowash's TAKT car wash machine is 70–80% higher than that of a regular roll-over machine.

The floor dimensions of the car wash at the Prisma hypermarket in Kirkkonummi are 24 m x 7.8 m.

07 / 07 / 17



This year, the Summit had once again its finger on the pulse by being an event of business oriented food production, food industry and different technologies for companies, researchers and developers.

The event was also a great meeting place of foodstuff industry professionals; business arena of several innovative companies and a forum for new tendencies.

Information was offered, there were interesting speeches and speakers both from business and research world; future and visions were painted and latest innovations revealed; many topics discussed sustainable development.

Kometos Oy

This year, Kometos Oy acted as one of Food Business Summit 2017 event’s cooperation partners and I was able to lead the first section of the interesting technology oriented company visit "Tech Tour" on behalf of my employer that took us to our factory at Kauhajoki to see our new Kometos Finntray processed food and dosing line. The same technology tour also included our cooperation partner JPT Industria / Juha Hööpakka and Lumikko Oy from Seinäjoki. 

Tommi Wirtanen


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